Josephine Williams

A testimonial from Josephine Williams


On the 22nd day of March, 2016, I was admitted to Life Care Center of Bruceton-Hollow Rock, Tennessee.


I had had a stroke on the 18th of March, and I came to Life Care for rehabilitation. When I arrived, I could not walk or even get out of the bed. The therapists soon had me out of the bed.


The ladies and their therapy groups are unique and wonderful. It became a daily routine of going to therapy. I received physical therapy, occupational therapy and cognitive therapy.


The therapists helped in many ways. They had me play games and other things to make sure my mind was working correctly. They had me work out with exercises and try to walk. I strengthened my cognitive skills and upper body by learning how to do puzzles, play board games and many other things to keep me occupied.


They had me doing exercises that strengthened my legs. They did this in a way that made me feel better about myself and also to let me know I could do more. They pushed me some but not enough to make me upset. The push was just enough to get me to want to do more.


As I progressed, they allowed me to learn to take my showers. They were with me but had me do all the stuff for myself. This helped me to see that I could do it. Before I knew it, they had me up and walking. Once I started walking, they encouraged me to walk farther each day. Some days we went outside. I really enjoyed going outside.


At first, we had to go with a wheelchair behind me. Shortly thereafter, they were allowing me to use a walker for a good-sized distance. I was eventually able to walk with a walker without the wheelchair behind me.


All the therapists did everything they could to help me recover quickly. Ms. Iris [Dayandante, director of rehab services,] even changed my mattress so that I could sleep better. This greatly reduced the pain on my right side and improved my sleep. Now I have progressed enough to go home or, rather, to my daughter’s house. 


Editor’s note: Williams went home to her daughter’s house on May 13, 2016.